Friday, October 14, 2011

Lesson Day: Making progress...

 We had more moments like this last night.

But we still had more than a few like this.

Both of us are improving.  I'm finally figuring out which part of my butt I actually need to be sitting on, and I can actually feel Sunny round and give me his face when I get my chin up and my back straight. 

T filmed us. I forgot to remind him to keep the segments short, so I have a bunch of four and five minute videos.  Too long to post, so relax, you're all safe, lol.  

But even here you can see how heavy Sunny is in front.  Still his walk is better than it was, and he's getting a (tiny) bit less sprawly at the trot.  As my position gets improves, it'll get easier for him to maintain some sort of frame - amazing how that works!

Cantering, except for transitions, is all about me right now - Eric had me holding the reins in one hand and making a windmill of the other arm.  It's amazing how much that improved things, terrifying as it was to do he first time!  

Eric also showed me a very simple reining exercise that involves bending into a reverse and then bending back out to help get Sunny lighter on the forehand.

By the end of the lesson it felt like things were clicking - and Sunny actually earned himself a, "You know, when he's collected and working, he's actually kind of cute," from Eric.  High praise?  Not yet, but we'll get there!

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Tammy said...

Sunny is exactly the horse looks wise we are looking for except of the quarter horse variety. VERY VERY striking. I also loved to watch Amyra in the next video. Just as pretty!