Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm so jealous!

T's having all the fun this week.  I get to spend three days in meetings on the opposite side of the state, and he's moving cows AND he gets to ride Amyra first.  Grrrr!

Yes, we're finally getting our horse back.  Or rather, T's finally getting his horse back.  You might remember several months back - in April - Amyra went off to the trainer for what was supposed to be 30 days. And life happened.... 

The trainer's schedule filled up with shows, clients that show and/or want their horses shown and are therefore slightly higher priority for him - no hard feelings though.  I can completely understand his need to do what's long-term beneficial for his business.  And we're not guiltless in her extended stay, either.  In between times we had several completely unexpected changes at home, and although we've dropped in to check on Amyra throughout the summer, schedules just completely haven't meshed.  Long story short, she's ended up staying with the trainer a lot longer than either party planned on.  There were pluses and minuses to that.

But T is going over tomorrow to ride her, and he'll have a couple more times to do so with the trainer before we pick her up on Friday.   Pictures soon, promise!

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Deanna said...

How exciting! Can't wait for the pictures!