Friday, October 28, 2011


Eyore, playing "spot the donkey"

Buddy's efforts at disguise?  Not so successful!

Rufus - isn't that face just squeezable?
Nap interrupted - sorry, Caspar!
One word: WHISKERS!

Fall Color - yes, SD actually has some :)
Needed a break yesterday a.m., so I drove out to check on all the four foots.  As you can see, they were having a much more productive day than I, lol. 

Feeling a bit more on track, I actually managed to get some work accomplished with the rest of my afternoon.  Although actually being home to move the trailer when the road grader went by was probably the highlight of the rest of my day. (And his - he actually got to do the whole street for a change!).  Of course, once all the dirt was raked up and redistributed, the surface was is loose and dry that every time a car goes by it looks like pea-soup fog out the window.  So much for clean vehicles - I guess I should be thankful it's chilly enough out there that all the windows are closed!

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