Friday, November 11, 2011

Dress-up & circles

Too bad it didn't get here earlier in the day yesterday!
Sunny - more fun to dress up than Barbie - lol!
 It was too warm (61'!) to need it today, and I could have used some anti-static spray to keep the zappies down.

Think he has a career as a sports model ahead of him? 
Nah. Still, I think it fits him pretty well.
Dress-up time over, I tacked him up and started working on those big round circles.  Loose rein, nice easy posting trot same as yesterday.  It was breezy and there were hunters wending their blaze-orange pheasant-seeking way through the fields next door and across the road. But in spite of the distractions he did pretty well. One lovely canter transition to the left and a not-so-great one or two to the right. Spiral, spiral, spiral.

All told, about an hour's ride.  I brushed him down, then let him graze under the trees where the grass is still greenish.  No work with Thunder today, but tomorrow it's his turn.

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