Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving week re-cap

Sunny: "Hey - did you hear that?"
It was a beautiful week weather-wise, and with C home from college for Thanksgiving break, I actually had company riding.  Tuesday evening we rode an 8 mile loop with Caspar and Buddy.  I'd intended to ride Rufus, but it was later than we'd planned to leave before she was ready.  Fading daylight meant a fast pace to finish before dark. I had the farrier pull Rufus's shoes for the winter already, and barefoot he gets sore feet too easily to make a quick loop something I wanted to do with him. so C volunteered Buddy.   We finished up just as the sun was setting, and by the time we turned them out it was black.

Wednesday afternoon I tacked up English at the farm, working on my homework with Sunny: collection and transitions, side-passing and bending.  He was the most responsive and willing he's been at home.  Since he was so good, I rewarded him by not making him work for quite as long.  Afterwards I bridled Thunder (no reins) and let him carry the bit while I lunged him. He wasn't thrilled about the bit, but did a lot of chewing which was good.  And he was light and responsive on the line.  Both directions at the walk and trot for about 20 minutes total.  Then I added reins and worked on getting him to drop his nose and give his face. Small steps. 

Thursday after I popped the turkey in the oven I collected the boys and spent a wonderful couple hours riding with C and J.  An absolutely beautiful day -  shirtsleeve temps, lots of sunshine, and just enough breeze to ruffle manes.  So different from last year, when I believe the high for the day was 16'. 

Friday C and I rode again - Rufus finally got his turn.  We started early enough to mosey, and keeping him on the shoulder where the footing was soft worked out well.  He's a kick to ride.  Ears pricked, stride long and forward... I could tell he was happy to be out.  He's very looky and much more the stereotypical Arab than Sunny.  Large rocks, clumps of differently colored grass and weeds, culverts, stumps... potential horse-eaters, all of them, but mostly he just eyes them suspiciously and keeps moving.  Although thanks to some gigantic squirrels (amazing how big dead leaves make them sound) and a few wild turkeys he and Caspar both took a couple of sideways bounces. 

Today, unfortunately, seasonal weather returned.  We have winds gusting to 50+ mph and temps in the 30's.  Not good riding weather, but given the rest of the week I can't complain.

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