Monday, November 28, 2011

The ears have it

After the wind on Saturday, Sunday was cool, bright and still.  Hard to believe it's almost December.  I debated over riding - with sunshine pouring in the south windows on the house it felt deceptively warm - but ultimately decided to wait until the temps climbed back up on Monday.  Checking on the boys in the afternoon I did end up hopping on Sunny for a few circuits around the pasture, though.  He and Thunder were dozing in the sun when I got to the farm, and I just couldn't resist all that warm pony fuzziness.  

He was perfectly content to wander here and there wherever I pointed his nose, and we even showed off (although nobody was watching) with a few sidepasses and a couple of almost perfectly circular 360' turns on the haunches in both directions.  I won't call them spins, but those back feet were definitely staying planted.  Sunny's wonderfully comfortable bareback, smooth and steady - somehow the withers that are completely non-existent under saddle are just perfect for sitting behind.  And he's not so tall that the ground is a worrying distance away, either!

Thunder observed from the top of the hill, content to keep loafing.  When I finished with Sunny, I laid across his back a few times to his complete lack of concern.  They were back to nibbling their way across the pasture as I left.  

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