Monday, January 9, 2012

Changing shape?

What do you think - is he changing shape?  Other than getting rounder, I mean.

July 2011

October 2011
January 2012

Eric keeps saying Sunny's building muscle and that he can see a difference.  I can feel a difference in how he carries himself, but I don't really notice one looking at him - maybe there's too much padding!  Of course, I see him every day.

July 2011

January 2012

He's definitely fuzzier... I know the pictures aren't all taken from the same angle or in the same light, and it would be much better if he was standing the same way in all of them.   I'd love to hear some of your thoughts.

Another hour of riding with Sunny yesterday.  Pretty much a repeat of Saturday's schedule - bending for him, two-point for me.  I spent more time on spiral-in/out at the walk warming up though - it really seems to help him get stretched out, and he flexes better afterwards.
His monster-detector was registering something in the tree grove again, so he kept trying to hollow out and crane his neck to see what was in there traveling along the north side.  Probably just deer (or squirrels), but it did make things interesting.

About 40 minutes total with Thunder - 20 riding.  He's getting the hang of yielding and turning.  Walking off is still tentative, but watching his ears flick back and forth I can tell he's thinking hard.  He does show a strong inclination to want to ease back over to the trailer and Sunny - his security blanket - but even though he wanted to go that way, he turned back away willingly enough.  At least he wasn't seeing monsters in the tree grove! 

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