Friday, January 20, 2012

Random thoughts...

I exercise pretty much every morning - we have one of those elliptical thingies, that I can get on with a book and just zone for half an hour.  In the five years since we got it I've put over 1000 miles on it.  It's great for my hind end, and my arms don't jiggle.  But it's no substitute for "real" exercise.  Who knew clucking with every stride could make it so hard to breathe?

Cats are weird - or possibly someone snuck into the house and drugged mine.  Nunu spent the last half an hour stalking, batting, pouncing on and determinedly ignoring a kernel of dried corn that fell out of my chore-coat pocket.  Apparently it's more fun than her catnip mouse.  I just finished peeling carrots (after which I did rinse my hands off), and Mabel is now trying to chew on my fingers - I just dumped her off my lap for the third time so I can go wash - with soap.  Snowball is sleeping - the cat-doper must have missed her.

City snow plows manned by evil people.  I've cleaned off the sidewalk at the corner for the postman three times today and they just went past again - my nicely cleared corner is now knee-deep in crusty chunks.  Again.  And if I don't go shovel it.  Again.  The postman will leave me a nasty note threatening not to deliver my mail.  Okay, okay.  I know they're not really evil - but can I still suspect them of being wielded with malicious intent?  Probably not, I guess I just have bad timing. is having a customer-appreciation lycra sale - all lycra 40-70% off.  Who thought up lycra for horses, anyway? Were they color blind?  Channeling Cyndi Lauper circa mid-'80s? And now  I'm wondering what Sunny would look like as a zebra...

It's far more fun to put Christmas ornaments up than take them down.... Speaking of which, back to work.


Tammy said...

I hear you on the Christmas decoration thing as I look at the lights still on the porch.

Cats are weird. But fun.

And I jiggle. Just when I was starting to go back to the gym, I get hurt. Gotta quit making up all these excuses! :)

Have a good weekend.

SunnySD said...

I love the cats. They're a constant source of bafflement, entertainment, and coziness.

Glad to hear you're moving better - that was a nasty accident!