Friday, January 6, 2012


The frozen tundra that was Jan. 2011...
I was sort of afraid to look back and see what my goals for 2011 were, considering how hectic the year ended up being.  But on the whole I don't think I did too badly.  In 2011 I resolved I would:
  1. Ride more
    Well, that I certainly did.  Not sure how many miles Sunny and I covered, but my Frequent Rider Log courtesy of the Arabian Horse Association shows a lot more hours than previous years.  And that's just Sunny - it doesn't take into account the times I rode Rufus or one of the other horses at J's, or my non-Sunny lessons.
  2. Take lessons
    I'm continuing to cover that base, too - although I got started later in the year than I'd planned, I'm having a great time.  I like horse homework!
  3. Conduct a tack clean-out
    C- on this one, and it's going to have to carry over to 2012.  I donated some odds and ends of things in good condition to the horse rescue booth at the SD Horse Fair for their tacksale table.  And I did manage to sell one saddle that I'm not using, but I acquired another one.  Things look pretty decent at the moment because three of them are currently in the trailer and three are at the saddler's being oiled.  And that's just the saddles.
Good marks for two out of three's not terrible.  And since I'm on a roll with numbers one and two, I think I'm going to have to carry all three over into 2012.  So:
  1. Ride more: Ideally, I want to put more hours on Sunny this year than I did last year.  And since I'm not spending the better part of the week 2 1/2 hours away, that's realistic.
    Ride Thunder.
    "Really, you're going to ride me?"
    Ride Rufus.
    Ride Amyra.
  2. Lessons:  Keep going with hunt seat with Sunny, and on reining with Amyra. 
    October - and you should see how much better we look now!
    Haven't decided which direction I'd like to go with Thunder, but if I get that far, some sort of lessons with him, too.
  3. Tack clean-out: Reduce, repurpose, recycle... Ebay.
    It's going to look this good again!
    However I do it, some of the surplus needs to go.
  4. Show:  At least one local show with Sunny, and -
    Okay, I'm getting butterflies just thinking about this one...
    At least one larger show (gulp!) with Amyra.
I think that's sufficient.  Given how my plans tend to work out, I'm sure looking back on this post at the end of the year will provide some entertaining memories, at very least.

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Sarah said...

sound like fun goals!