Thursday, March 1, 2012

Side by side

Since it's too yucky outside to ride, and I was stuck inside with housecleaning, of course I spend my evening poking around in my old pictures...

See this neck?

Compare it to this one:

I love my boy. 
 But he's not exactly long and stretchy.  
He's the compact model.

Thunder's not a lot taller, but he has a longer, leaner build...

And withers.

The boys have the same genetics on their sire's side - I can't find his picture at the moment.  But the mares?  If you've been reading for a while this won't be a challenge, but see if you can guess which foaled which....

ASA Copper Pennie

ASA Sauds Mariah
 I really can't wait to get Thunder working this summer and see how he moves from on top!

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