Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Short Ride and a Rat

I actually managed a few minutes on top tonight :)  We were bringing the horses down from the pasture, and with only one extra horse rather than the usual three, I couldn't resist.  Especially when my two - Sunny and Rufus - made me walk out to get them.  I hopped on Sunny to ride back to the gate, and my dad had it open when I got there, so we just kept on going.  Rufus has ponied a lot of miles, so he mosied along at my knee without any issues.

We "whoa"ed and I slid off just before the bridge in case there were any scary cows (the landowner on the east side of the road just put his cows out and they tend to run away whenever they see the horses coming) crashing up and away.   Sunny actually walks a lot faster with me on top than he does when I'm next to him.  Something to remember for those days when we're running late.  With just a halter, and I hadn't even bothered to tie the loose end off since I'd only planned to hitch a ride as far as the gate, I didn't stay on the whole way back, but it was still nice to get a rider's eye view instead of a walker's.

(Warning, dead content ahead)
Unfortunately (especially for the rats, which I wouldn't mind leaving alone if they'd just stay out of the barn, workshop, buildings in general), the electronic rodent deterrents didn't cut it.  After I walked into the workshop this weekend to hear banging coming from inside the back of the (running) refrigerator, I bought rat traps.

Actually, for a rat, it's not unattractive.  If it wasn't for the size (see the key?) it would look pretty much like a field mouse, and I think they're sort of cute as long as they're not eating holes in things and pooping all over stuff.

The rat trap is screwed to a chunk of 2x4' so the trap doesn't end up dragged away - no such danger with this one.  It was definitely dead.  Here's hoping a few more end up that way and the rest of them learn by example!


Cindy D. said...

I like that first picture though. I love a horse that you can do that with. I only have one.

SunnySD said...

Me, too - Sunny's pretty laid back for the most part. The other three... Rufus would probably cooperate, and I think Thunder will get there eventually. Haven't actually ridden Amyra enough to want to try - lol!

Kellie said...

Aah! Nice to be up top for a change, eh? And imagine that, you had a photographer!!

Rats. Yuck. We've got a few here too.

And wow! The ponies look all shed out! Nice weather too?