Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week in review


What a week.  Monday was decent but chilly, Tuesday was cold and windy.  Wednesday snowed and spit, Thursday blew all day, and Friday was mild by evening.  I think the only season we didn't have was Summer.

The ponies stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, ate hay and sheltered in and behind the barn.  Friday walking them up in the pre-work dimmness, I was very happy to have parental assistance - yay! company :)  They were eager to get to the green, but the road was frosty frozen at 24', and everybody was stepping very carefully.  Once we turned them loose, they wasted no time in heading for the far end of the pasture.

It was a tired bunch that walked we walked home yesterday evening, me among them.  The new job is really interesting, extremely complex (lots of little bitty details that could come back to bite me later) and I think I'll really like it once I have the day to day routine nailed down.

On the positive side of things, the sun is out this morning, it's supposed to be a nice weekend, Rufus's coat is coming back in, and Sunny seems to be moving more easily so I think the joint supplement is helping.  Now if it actually gets as warm as they say it might tomorrow, we'll see what they think about baths...

~Happy to be out~

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Kellie said...

AAH what happy ponies! running and frolicking around lol

Glad your work is going well and oh those itty bitty details - ugh.. I know exactly what you mean.

YAY for company!! Hope you have fun :)