Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another week - where did it go?

It's been a crazy week.  More weird weather - from snow to 80's within four days - and I'm still adjusting to my new schedule.  Thank goodness for two extra pairs of hands!

And those hands have sure been busy.  We have a new front door, a new kitchen fan/light in place of the old florescent one with no fan, the bathroom trim is finished, and about half of the 100 trees from the KDA are in the ground.  Oh, and my dad's working on the wiring for two new lights & fans for the living room, too.

And with three of us, the ponies don't have to come down the hill four wide.  They're enjoying the extra hands, too - lots of extra scritches.  Pretty soon they'll have a new gate...

Now to squeeze some riding time in there!


Kellie said...

YAY your folks are still there! How lucky you are. Nothing like it.

So, how are you liking the new job?

We finally cracked 70 and it's amazing what a little sun/heat can do for a persons disposition.

Hope you can get in a ride soon. I squeezed one in on Friday and it was fantastic, hoping for another tomorrow.

Your ponies look wonderful BTW :)
Ours are super hairy yet.

SunnySD said...

The ponies thank you :) They look their best from the front, as their middles haven't shed out quite so well yet. But it won't be too long based on the big clumps in the curries last night when we brushed them.

So glad you guys are finally getting some warm!

Job is good - I'm getting the hang of things so far, I think. Still learning a lot, though.

Cindy D. said...

I was just thinking about you this weekend, because I realized you hadn't posted in a while. But Busy is good, hope you are enjoying the new job.
Ponies look great, and extra hands are always a good thing!

SunnySD said...

It's great to have the folks here, that's for sure! Timing could have been better - new job + company, and I feel kind of guilty I'm neglecting them, lol!