Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flooding, wire cuts & rain

So much for plans to ride today - at least this a.m. It's pouring steadily out there.

We're on farm watch again this weekend where Rufus lives, but no escapees there last night. The same, unfortunately, could not be said Sunny's crew.

See this innocent face? It was not on the right side of the fence.

And it was attached to this.
Not as bad as it looks - it was clean and draining, and with very little swelling. The storm the night before dumped nearly 5 inches of rain, and there was apparently some hellacious thunder and lightening rolling through along with it. The top strand of fence was on one side of the pasture Thunder was out in, and it looks as if he cut himself on a wire splice running into and over it. The rest of them didn't have a scratch.

We cleaned him up and applied some salve, and we'll flush it again and probably give him a shot of penicillin when we go out this morning.

I didn't get a good picture of it in the horse-through-the-fence excitement, but there was a crop duster working a field to the west, and his turning around pattern was RIGHT over the house and the field the horses were out in. He was close and low enough to skim the tops of the trees.

The horses completely ignored him. Sheesh!

So what does over 5 inches of rain look like? Well, in addition to all of the flash flood warnings we're seeing, here's the road we usually take south to where Rufus lives...
This is the creek we cross on the main road - it looks like spring snow melt season again.

And it was stacking up in the southwest again last night as we drove home.
(The weather man just said we had another 1+ inches overnight - good weather for ducks! Speaking of which, more duck pictures later, he's growing like crazy.

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Tammy said...

Hasn't the rain been something? We have been getting showers every night. I wish I would have kept track of what has been in the rain gauge - close to 8" since last weekend, I think. We got one cutting of alfalfa out before the rains started but our grass hay is still in the fields. Not even thinking of cutting as there are no clear days in sight. Weird weather!

Ouch on the cut, darn it!