Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water, water, everywhere

What else does 5+ inches of rain do? Well, when your neighbor vents his sump pump next to your foundation, it trickles into your basement.

The rain did stop about 9 a.m. After we turned Rufus's batch of ponies out for the day, picked up a feeder for the duck and some more betadine wash for Thunder's owie, we spent the day vacuuming, dumping buckets, and tromping up and down the stairs. Finally picked up a pump sometime in the afternoon, and then discovered that the floor drain had a clog - much better than the storm drains being backed up.

So, there's still water coming in, but not so much. First time in six years, too. This house has never needed a sump pump. Guess it will get one now! We're not the only ones, either. We bumped into one man this morning that had lived here for 30 years with no water. He was buying a pump, too.

The roads tonight were worse than last night.
I don't even want to think what the gravel looks like - this one was bad enough. (And yes, we did drive through running water - but we watched another car come through it our way first.)

Thunder's gash pre-wash - the swelling was down, and there wasn't any heat to it.

Post-wash, pre-salve...
It's clean, pink, and closing from the back to the front. I didn't give him any penicillin. It looks pretty good with the antibiotic salve for now.

And... yes, the trailer we tried out did come home with us!

It's an aluminum, 7x20', 4-horse, LQ combo-stock. Plenty of room for the horses, mats, front tack... It needs to be cleaned & disinfected, vacuumed, and we have to pick up a spare, but other than that - it made me smile every time I dumped a bucket of water out next to it!


Breathe said...

We had some flooding too - El Nino is something else, isn't he? We only had 5 inches here, the town down the road had a foot of rain.

Hopefully you won't have too many uses for the sump pump.

And that trailer will be perfect for escaping the rain!

SunnySD said...

Funnily enough, T suggested we sleep in the trailer last night - we were both a bit punchy by that point!