Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 mile Saturday and weekend wrap-up

Is this a happy face, or what?
C and I had a riding date on Sunday. Unfortunately, the bright sunny morning turned into a grey, cold, blustery afternoon. And we left about the same time the sun vanished behind the bluster. Still, the temp was in the 40's - well, almost - and it seemed a shame to not put some miles behind us.

Going away we were riding with the wind. We decided to do our usual route in reverse, which one of us should have had the foresight to realize was a very poor idea. Brrrr! Right into the wind all the way home.

Mainly we walked and talked, but we did a bit of loping on a nice smooth sandy stretch. Sunny picked up a right lead when I asked, and held it much better than he has to date. I only had to bump him back up again twice. I think regular outings agree with him!

C had Lightbulb, her barrel horse - he's long and lean and catty-quick. She was thrilled that he was content to lope along relaxedly, as he doesn't always do relaxed. Lightbulb's stride is so much longer, he was taking one stride for every one and a half of Sunny's.

We walked the majority of that last two miles so the horses would be completely dry when we got home ('Bulb sweats easily, especially in his winter woolies). Between the dropping temp and that wind neither of us could feel our fingers when we got there. Sunny was very pleased to load up and head for home, and I was equally thrilled to crank the heater in the truck!

I thought about riding Sunday, but not for very long. Too many things to get done around the house, but I did squeeze in an hour of grooming and pasture clean-up.

How many horses do you see?

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