Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Packing for hunting

Rufus and T are headed west this weekend. It's the long planned, much anticipated hunting with horses trip. This will be their first year, although everyone else along (including the horses) are old hands at all this packing and tracking business.

T was to have gone last year, but a family emergency changed plans at the last minute. This year he was bound and determined nothing was going to spoil his fun.

I did lobby successfully for him to leave the big truck and trailer home with me - I want to ride, too!

Rufus is sharp shod - I'll have to get a picture - for good traction on potentially frozen hills.

T had his list compiled. Need I mention the phone calls if I'd seen, variously, his compass, his long underwear, the missing wool socks he knows were in his drawer last week... At least he knows were the guns are!

I got to make the list of horse-type extras and make sure they were packed.

Basic extras on my list include:
  • halter & lead - spare set in addition to what Rufus is wearing
  • headstall & reins - and spare set
  • saddle/breastcollar/cinch/pad
  • cinch & latigo (spare set in addition to the ones on the saddle)
  • saddle pads (2 extra)
  • box with assorted bucket clips (carabiners), saddle strings, twine, electrical tape, etc.
  • human/equine medical supplies - although since they're going with a large-animal vet, and he's taking his truck complete with vet box, I'm hoping they'll be covered in that department!
  • buckets (2 minimum)
Brushes etc. are already in the trailer, and since J is took his truck complete with vet box, I kept my emergency kit here so that I'll have it if I need it. Hay and grain was already packed, and I didn't need to send the portable corral, as the place they're staying has a barn and corrals - talk about glamping! The humans get to stay in a house with electricity, heat, and a real bathroom. So much for roughing it!

They were loaded and off about 1 PM yesterday. T called this morning to say he'd gotten a deer - they hadn't been out with the horses yet, just walking to scope out the lay of the land.

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