Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rufus and the farrier

I keep pondering Rufus and his aversion to the farrier....

Personally, I LIKE new shoes. But for Rufus, chaps, nippers & especially shoes seem to be the monster under the bed - a big hairy deal!

Sunday his behavior as I groomed him before our ride was an absolutely typical for him: doze while being brushed, give each foot politely when asked; ready and cooperative for each hoof. He actually anticipates slightly, shifting his weight off the next foot in line, propping the toes of the back hooves as each front sets down.

I dug and pried at caked in mud and crud, each foot loose in my hand, horse relaxed against my shoulder.

This is the same sweaty, whites of the eyes showing horse that spun circles, popped his front end, and kicked at the farrier last weekend.

Checking his feet for rocks after the ride was a replay of his earlier behavior - each hoof raised easily for my hand when I asked. He's not just like that with me, he enjoys being brushed and fussed over, feet included.

He never seems at all worried about the farrier initially - he's fine with being greeted and petted, at least until the man gets out his tools. It's frustrating...do I start hauling the grooming tools out a rattling box and tapping on his feet when we ride? Maybe...

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