Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunny's Sunday

I'm not a huge fan of the time change. It gets dark way too early anyway!

I monkeyed around a bit with Sunny on Friday, but as you can see, nothing serious.

Saturday afternoon's ride route was mainly gravel, and we were clipping right along as the daylight faded. With no shoes, I didn't want to push that hard on Sunny.

This afternoon C and I rode the same route a tad more sedately with Sunny and Bubbles. We loped where the footing on the shoulder was dirt rather than gravel. I concentrated on just getting the lead I asked for and then keeping him in gait and steady until I asked him to slow down.

Trotting, I asked him to soften and step under himself, instead of getting hollow and sprawly, trying to stay consistent myself with hands and seat, sitting up, not forward.

At one point, C asked Bubbles for a nice slow lope, and then gradually increased her pace. I had Sunny trot, and asked him to extend. Bubbles was galloping, and Sunny still had gears left - SO COOL! But the footing got bad, so we slowed back down.

We saw lots of pheasants, a few road hunters, and one slightly terrified bunny rabbit - the horses seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I know we did. It's hard to beat 70's and sun, especially in November. Definitely a day to be thankful for!

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Anonymous said...

I hate the time change too and how dark it is in the evenings. Sounds like you got in some good riding!