Monday, January 3, 2011

Post-storm peaceful

"the snow is much better
when seen from inside" cat,
surveys the backyard.

I love 4-wheel drive! The roads out to the farm were still blown in on Saturday - plows out doing the higher priority routes, I guess. The wind was awful until late afternoon, but the sun was out, the sky was at least mostly blue, and the temps climbed into the 20's, so all in all, not too bad.

J called Saturday a.m. to say that the horses were all fine and G was in the process of pushing the round bale up closer so they'd have ready access, but that the plow hadn't been by and he wasn't going to blade their driveway clear until the wind stopped so not to come out, since I'd more than likely just get stuck.

So after I dug the truck out and shoveled the walks, I went back inside to the couch and the cats (starting to feel very lazy!) and worked on more school stuff.

Sunday was much nicer - less wind!

The four-foots were glad to see me, but not terribly needy. They weathered the storm in fine style - all signs of snow-overcoats completely vanished. I disrupted their afternoon naps, but although they were pleased enough to see hay going into their feeders, they weren't too concerned with pushing each other away, so hunger obviously wasn't a factor.

l>r, Solitaire, Sunny, Thunder & Amyra
share a feeder - Star's off to the left at the big feeder.

South of the tree grove where the horses are the snow was pretty shallow, although I was thigh-deep in drifts wading up to the gate to snap the shot below. The cows shelter in against the tree grove you can see in the background when it's nasty, but were up on the hill munching away. Snow didn't get much chance to settle up there!

When I got home this little guy zipped out from under the porch by the dryer vent. There's a bunny trail worn across the yard to the steps and on around the corner of the house. Our only out-doors venturing cat refuses to stick her nose out once the ground's white, so there's only the neighbor's cat to watch out for, and she seems to get more squirrels than rabbits.

One more winter storm weathered - hope you're all enjoying the new year and some peace between the storms, as well!


Tammy said...

No storms here! It missed us! I went riding today - high of 38!

Yes, 4WD is the bomb! I'm sure our weather won't hold for long!

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't have 4 wheel drive but the way this winter is going I'm beginning to think I need it.

Glad everything is going good there.

Have a Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

reading this post and the previous one make me smile at the title of your blog. We didn't get this storm in our parts, but the in-laws had bad weather for several days. Glad the skies have cleared for the time beeing!