Friday, January 14, 2011

What's on your lap?

Meet Nunu, who sheds on my keyboard, squawks at me when I type too energetically, and expands immediately to fill any unoccupied space as soon as I move the laptop. She's my lap cat.
I say mine, because she'll sleep next to T's shoulder on the back of the couch, but it's me she sleeps on. She greets me at the door on Thursday evening with a bounce and whirl that demands compliance: "Come sit down and make a lap!" she chirps at me. "Hurry up!"

She likes it much better when I read.
Books don't take up near as much space.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I have a cat just like this. She is exactly as you've described. Sometimes the demand for a lap is fine with me, other times it's a pain. LOL