Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter driving

I don't always love driving in the winter, but the snow does make for some pretty dramatic scenery on occasion!

We had gust to 40 mph yesterday and a dusting of snow in the morning.

For the most part the roads were dry and clear underneath, so my trip home didn't take any longer than usual, although they were letting schools out early in a lot of the little towns.

Probably due to the side roads - I hit some nice drifts on my way out to feed later in the afternoon.

I was glad to be home, but could happily have driven a couple more hours watching the drift pattern in the changing light.

The ponies?

Out of the wind and napping. They wandered over to see what I was up to, then headed back to loaf.

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Sarah said...

one of my favorite winter driving hobbies is watching the snow blowing across the road. I love the patterns. It can be quite hypnotizing at times. Glad you trip was safe!