Friday, July 1, 2011


I've been mostly absent lately - and not just here, it feels like, LOL!

Summer, what with one thing and another, is just flat running away from me. I haven't ridden since (GULP) May?! Yikes. And I won't be riding my pony this weekend, either - his feet are still long, although I did finally manage to get in touch with the farrier and confirm a date, if not a time, for next weekend.

So.... my plans for this weekend include:
  1. Baths? Or at least a thorough grooming. If the boys are as muddy as they were last weekend and it's as hot as it's been the last few days, they're getting baths.
  2. Saddling Sunny English and making sure things fit - I have a new, longer, girth to try out.
  3. Groundwork with Sunny & Thunder - I have cones and a new tarp, and I'm not afraid to use them!
  4. Saddling Thunder western and making sure things fit. He's way past overdue for some work, and since it's just the geldings these days, I'll likely be ponying him along for a while once I'm back to riding again.
There. That's simple enough - four things to accomplish, and a whole long weekend to do them in. Hopefully by the time I'm back to work on Tuesday the blahs will be gone!

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