Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday - Summer has arrived

It was in the 90's - which, I know for all you folks down south who've been living in 90+ temps since May or before, probably doesn't sound that bad. But up here it's been cool and wet - this is the first real heat we've had, and I can't say it's altogether welcome, especially when SD's omnipresent winds decide to take a vacation, like yesterday.

Optimistically, I thought that the breeze might be a little stronger out of town. Unfortunately, it was just as swelteringly sticky at the farm. The horses were happy to see me, having learned that the trailer means bug spray and brushing.

I'd planned to do some groundwork and maybe hop on for a bit, but it was just too hot. The boys were grateful for the fly-relief, and Sunny promptly assumed the position and went to sleep.
Guarding the trailer

Not wanting the day to be a complete black hole training-wise, Thunder got to wear a headstall for the duration. After licking, chewing, and trying to spit it out for the first little while, he went to sleep, too.

They were covered in sweat just standing there, but thrilled to not be stomping flies. I'd love to keep fly-mask/sheets on them, but I'm too afraid they'll get tangled in something.

Ordinarily, I'd just bring the truck and tie the boys up in the top lot, but the flies are AWFUL up there. If I bring the trailer, I can park away from the sheep, and once they're sprayed down the flies aren't too bad.

Since I don't have anything terribly exciting to report, for your viewing pleasure: Sunny, doing his best to get rid of some very persistent mosquitoes.

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