Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend update

Days ending in y are busy - LOL. This weekend was no exception. I had the house to myself - well, me and the cats - and two whole days to get a week's worth of house stuff done. Still, it was good to be home.

If you're pretty much anywhere in the Midwest/plains/continental US... you don't need telling how hot it's been. If you've somehow managed to avoid the heat - lucky you! Suffice it to say that the temp gauge on the car, in the shade, read 103' on Sunday afternoon.

The boys were dozy and sweaty, but had shade, access to what breeze there was, and plenty of cool water - they didn't seem too perturbed to be fly-sprayed and left alone. I didn't have the heart or the energy to make them work.

Sunday the farrier finally wedged me into her schedule - she was out until 2 a.m. Saturday getting show horses done before they departed for Arabian Nationals, and she said between emergencies and must-be-done-before-departure appointments, her whole month has been like that. With only Sunny and Thunder she was done and on her way in less than an hour, as both boys stood beautifully.

It's supposed to be cooler by this weekend, so hopefully I can take advantage of their shorter feet and actually get some work done!

Other activities? Well, it was Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo week, so Thursday thru Sunday was the rodeo, complete with the mixer Thursday evening, parade Saturday a.m., and of course cowboy church and chilli cook-off on Sunday. What did I attend? About half an hour of the parade. I stayed through most of the horse entries before deciding I'd had about enough sun. Terrible cop-out, I know - but somehow without T and the kids I just didn't feel like enduring the heat and the crowds. Too many people.

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