Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catting around

Hung out at J's for a while last night.  The boys made new friends.

Hey!  Keep your nose to yourself, buddy.

Eeeuw!  Horse cooties!
I'm just going to ignore you now.
It's touching me....  Remove it, please.

T worked on the trailer lights/brakes issue - the wiring harness on the truck needed a new connector clip thingy and a bit of soldering.  I made myself "useful" by supervising which I'm sure he appreciated - LOL  The test run was a success, so hopefully they'll be good to go now.

I've been walking pastures looking for something that Thunder could have done this on.   


He has some scratches and some hide missing on his knees and over one eye, as well, but it's all surface.  No blood, and nothing's puffy or sore.  It looks like he tangled in some wire, but I haven't been able to find anything so far. (They're turned out in a different field until I figure out what he managed to wind himself up in.)

It's an ongoing project.  The horses, cows and sheep rotate between pastures.  The sheep eat the weeds the horses and cows won't touch, which is great.  But they're hard on the fencing, and the cows - especially the calves - are worse.  The horses aren't too bad, but if the electric is off for some reason, Sunny and Thunder will both fence crawl because the grass is always greener...  So once I finish where they were supposed to be, I'll tackle where they weren't supposed to be.  Sigh...


Sarah said...

goodness, Thunder's chest! Poor boy! Glad he didn't get mangled any worse! It looks like it could have gotten ugly, whatever it was he was tangling with! I love the cat visit pictures, especially the last one. That is a clasic cat look and your caption fits it so well!

SunnySD said...

He was very lucky. Barbwire and woven wire are just not good for horse fencing. But they're the standard for sheep and cows, and that's what makes the farm go, so that's what a lot of the fence consists of. I'm thankful that most of the horse pasture is electric, and I have fence flags and t-post caps on, but it's always a risk.

TnTConnect said...

Poor Thunder...why don't the ever learn to just leave the fence alone. I have electric fencing, and my horses still look like Thunder's chest from time to time because a deer goes through the whole set of wires. Crazy that I never see a deer with a cut up chest or legs.

SunnySD said...

Good point - the deer are really hard on the fences. It's amazing the way they just slide right through. And the tangle they usually leave behind them is lots of fun, too - not!