Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall fun in the sun

Sunny's getting pudgy(er) - I had to let the cinch down a hole.  We rode Thursday evening and again this morning.  The weather has been spectacular.

 Perky pony ears - they always make me smile!

T and I alternated ponying Thunder.  He got to go along naked today since we were running behind.  I can't quite saddle two in the time it takes T and J to get their horses ready, so...
It's good for him to get used to other horses, and certainly doesn't hurt to separate him from Sunny for a while.  J even ponied him for a bit. 

But he's happiest with his nose just about alongside my knee.

The roads we ride are generally pretty quiet, but not this time of year.  In about a month it will be pheasant season, and we'll see a different sort of traffic.  But right now it's mostly farmers. We had semi-silage haulers, tractors dragging folded up 30 foot sweeps, trucks with dogs in the back - you name the equipment, it probably passed us at some point - just your routine country road fall traffic during harvest - and none of the horses batted an ear. 

Part of what makes a good trail horse for me is being able to ride where I want to without having a fidgety, fighting horse on my hands.  I can ride out in front or fall way behind and Sunny doesn't get too concerned.  Although we do try to group up a bit and stay to the same side of the road when encountering a vehicle.

We're going again tomorrow morning.  Color me happy!

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