Wednesday, September 7, 2011


And I thought being on leave would see things slowing down a bit...  not so!

The boys have had a couple weeks of eating their fool heads off - not that they're complaining.

 I snatched an hour early last week and spend some time hanging out.
Sunny and I annoyed the sheep for a bit.  And that pretty much concludes the horse activity of any duration for this post, so feel free to stop reading here - LOL!

Corn Palace Festival week came and went with funnel cake and rides.  T and I celebrated our anniversary - by hauling fill dirt and rocks for the west edge of the house. 

So many projects, so little time! 

Then before we knew it it was time to get the kids packed up and head for the airport - what with the earthquakes, hurricane/flooding out east and the fires down in Texas, it was sort of strange to drive down through Nebraska/Iowa and see that they're still recovering from the flooding this spring.
Sandbags line long stretches of I-29 and the feeder roads, and there are plenty of detours.  But that's not in the news anymore.

We had fun poking around the Old Market in Omaha - so many neat shops and restaurants.

The kids weren't excited about sushi, so we did the traditional Spaghetti Works for supper, and T and I saved lunch at the Baby Blue Sushi Saki Grill for after their flight left the next day.  I had Silly Rabbit and Hot Poppers - Yum!

We wound our way down through KS, stopped off to visit C who's starting her first year at K-State in Manhattan.  111' when we parked the car but it's a dry heat.  We wandered the campus until she was out of class, then took her out for supper.  One of the prettier campuses I've ever been on - sorry, IU!

We spent the weekend with T's mom, then headed back for SD on Monday morning.  Since we weren't (for once) in any particular hurry, we took a few detours on the way.

Very cool.

Early Tuesday a.m. it was back to reality - well, sort of... We helped J work cows -  weaning calves and fall vaccinations.  I got to gather, but since we ended up using our truck to move the portable corral, I just rode one of their horses.  Ended up ponying another, which made things a bit interesting.  A lovely way to spend a fall morning!  But I was too busy to juggle the camera, so no pictures of that, unfortunately.


Sarah said...

you have stayed busy! Lots of traveling! It is funny to hear the news about droughts and fires and then drive around the midwest and look at flood damage and the continued problems. We've had the same experience. I've been glad to not have loads down to the baking regions of our country. I'd like to see my fammily, but I don't relish the idea of experiencing that heat!

SunnySD said...

I'm thankful every time I watch the weather that heat up here generally doesn't last too long - this summer's been so wicked down there...