Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Horse Cookies, Rocks, and the Boys Get a Night Off

Anyone ever made your own horse treats?  I have a recipe for homemade ones somewhere that was fairly well received.  But apparently they come in mixes, as well - a few months back a friend found and presented me with this attractive package from Ann Clark, LTD.   

Since it finally cooled off I went on a baking spree - and after poppyseed cake (b-day), banana bread (thank you) and cookies (care packages for C and one of T's service guys), I decided to tackle these.
Now I can bake pretty much anything from a recipe most of the time, but I'm generally leery of box mixes.  Don't ask me why, but they never seem to turn out quite right.  Still, adding applesauce, a tablespoon of oil, and some water sounded fairly hard to screw up.  Bake at 300' for an hour and cool in the oven... 

They were certainly pretty all cut out. And the batter smelled yummily of molasses.  Good enough to eat, in fact....  Of course I had to try who can resist raw cookie dough!   Not me, especially when it smells that good - LOL

No leavening, so they didn't puff up.  And next morning when I opened the oven they were nice and crunchy.

I tried them out on the boys last night - broken into smaller pieces - the verdict?  Sunny likes them, Thunder was not as enthusiastic.

We collected more rocks yesterday - J's pasture this time.  The horses were quite baffled - rocks aren't edible...

T found this along the fenceline - which wasn't nearly as exciting as the nest of baby garter snakes we encountered unearthing the previous load.  They were really cute - only about 8 inches long.
This is what we've been working on - rocking in three sides of the house.  Only about one more load to go - FINALLY!
100% Mabel approved

I finished the day up with some pony beatification ~ oh, good grief - that should be "beautificaion" (they're certainly not saints, either of them! ~ time - it's been a couple of weeks since the boys saw the trailer without being loaded into it.  Last night they both got a thorough grooming and lots of scritching, then I turned them back out.  Couldn't have asked for a nicer day! 

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