Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (almost) New Year!

With 2011 winding to a close I find myself on the couch today, curled up with the cats and a headache.  The old year is going out grey, gloomy and chill with a gusty wind that's rattling the branches around.  Maybe if it was shiny and blue outside I'd feel more like mustering up the energy to do, well... much of anything.  But it's not, so my plans involve staying here, on the couch, with a cup of hot tea, a couple of books and three furry bodies snuggled up.  Maybe a nap, if I'm ambitious.  I sincerely doubt I'll be seeing in the New Year at midnight CST, at least not awake!

To all of you, best wishes for a very happy new year - may it bring you health, peace, and prosperity, and most of all, lots of time spent looking at the world between your ponies' ears.

Sunny's ears: my favorite frame!

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Mikey said...

Happy New Year!! Wishing you the best in our new year!