Sunday, December 18, 2011

In which it's 55'!

Dec. 18th... 7 days until Christmas

What a gift!  An absolutely perfect day for riding.   J, C and I rode a10 mile loop.  The only thing not perfect?  My pony.

 See those ears?  He was feeling good.  And naughty, the stinker.

It might have been two years, rather than two weeks since he's been seriously ridden - he spooked at a pheasant and almost lost me (Thunder, bless his heart, stopped dead when I dropped his lead), decided the railroad tracks were scary, and every lope he wanted to turn into a full out gallop. And he wanted to trot - I thought he'd settle after the first mile, but he was feeling more energetic than I was, apparently. 

J finally took Thunder so I could focus on making Sunny work, and after some bending and flexing he was a bit better, but I can definitely feel my legs and lower back tonight.

The rest of the herd - that's Rufus with the wide blaze behind the donkey and the fencepost.  They haven't been missing any meals, that's for sure.  

I'm loving the weather - but I sure hope we don't pay for it with feet of snow down the way.  Regardless, it was wonderful day to be out and in the saddle.  Hope you all had some of the same!

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BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Well, we aren't quite that warm, but warm enough to be comfortable and best of all...dry. No snow and no rain.

That nice of weather in SD this time of year is unusual, but THIS is the weather I moved out here for.