Friday, December 23, 2011

Thunder on the line

The boys haven't had it entirely easy this week.  As I mentioned, I practiced with Sunny, and spent some time working with Thunder, as well.

I so wish I had access to a round pen, as free longeing him would be fantastic.  But since D's is currently occupied by some mules from the sale barn that he acquired recently and is quarantining, I'm out of luck on that front.  So for now I'm making the best of a long line and good footing.

He's steadier to the left than to the right - maybe because from all the ponying, he's used to direction from the left?  At any rate, the only bobbles we had were going right, so I guess we'll be doing more laps in that direction until he gets the hang of things.

As you can see, I lacked a spare set of hands to run the camera - on my wishlist is one of those tripod-thingies that wraps around whatever is handy and sticks there. 

I worked with him for half an hour or so - long enough to reinforce the groundwork laid the other day, and for my fingers to get cold.  And Sunny had his turn at loafing by the trailer, which he didn't mind at all.

Today I weight-taped them both and wormed them.  Amazingly, Thunder tapes heavier than Sunny, for all that he's not as round.  Must be those extra inches of height.  They're definitely taking advantage of free access to the round bale - warmer temps so far this winter mean they're not burning as many calories staying warm, and it's easy to tell!

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