Thursday, March 21, 2013


I picked up a different flavor of canned cat food today at the store, and this time I spooned a small amount into the cats' dish before I put the rest of the can into the live trap.  I figured if Cat 2 had a chance to sample, he might be more inclined to catch himself.

Sure enough.  I looked out about 8:30 last night and there he was.  And he was NOT a happy camper.  It was supposed to get pretty cold overnight, so I gathered up a couple old towels and parked the live trap on top of one in the garage with another two thrown over the top so he has some insulation from the floor and he's out of the wind.  Probably not as cozy as curling up with Cat 3, but....

Moving the live trap was interesting.  Unlike Cat 3, Cat 2 is not the suffer in silence type.  The picture does not do any kind of justice to the swearing he was doing.  Not to mention bouncing off the walls and both ends.

Called the vet clinic this morning and had a moment of panic when the vet assistant told me they were full.  Crap!  I don't want to turn him loose, and he can't stay in the live trap.  But when I explained about the trap and the feral business she said they'd get him in.  The recovery kennels were full, but since he's feral, I could bring a crate and they'd let him recover in there.  Whew!

Shocked the heck out of me that he was completely silent in the truck on the way to town.  I put the back seat up in the truck, laid a blanket down (didn't want to chance having to clean cat pee out of the seat) and left the towel over so that he couldn't see me.  Not a murmur.

They called about an hour ago to let me know he tested negative for everything and was out of surgery.  I can pick him up after 4:30 this afternoon.   I'm making them cookies!


Kellie said...

Good catch! Yes, he does look a wee bit pissed. Poor guy goes for a snack and gets trapped lol

Glad to hear he is healthy. Very nice of you to take the staff cookies. They will remember you for sure.

SunnySD said...

He won't come anywhere near me now - the closest he's gotten is about 30 feet away on the other side of the fence when I'm feeding. Definitely holding a grudge - lol!