Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Small things

Sat here earlier this morning watching Mabel zip from one end of the living room to the other with her tail all puffy and her ears plastered back.  Cats, go figure. Drinking coffee and waiting for it to get light enough to go feed the outside critters.

The snow event turned out to be not much - drifted a few spots in, more than anything.  Most of it's already melted, but it brought back cold temps and wind. It was 10' this morning, although they're promising it's going to get into the 40's today.  The horses are very ready to go back up on grass.

The little birds, juncos, sparrows, nuthatches and whatnot were out swooping, hopping and pecking, trying to find anything at all they could eat.  I'd feed them, but don't want to provide that cats with a bird buffet. (I'd much rather they eat mice.)

I've been trying and trying to get a good picture of the woodpecker.  He's very audible, but so quick that I usually end up taking very clear pictures of branches.  Finally caught him, but not as close as I wanted.

Speaking of mousers...

Silence and Squeak

These two haven't forgotten or forgiven me yet.  I snapped these thru the kitchen window. (You can see, the snow is pretty much gone.)  They were out yesterday sunning in front of one of the outbuildings I've been cleaning out, but as soon as I opened the house door they both disappeared.  I'm supposed to take all three of them back in next month for booster shots.  Hopefully they'll be a bit less leery by then!

Talked to one of T's sisters over the weekend, and she's located a niece who wants her old upright piano which is currently tarped in the workshop.  No idea when they'll actually appear to haul it away, but hopefully soon.  And I don't envy them trying to get it tuned!  I've been plugging away at cleaning out there again for the last couple of days - it's a project out of the wind and best done while it's cold enough that layers are a blessing.  I peel all my outer layers off at the door and then dump them into the washer when I'm done.  Blech.
Mice.  Generations of them.  I won't use poison because of the cats, so T picked up some of those ultrasonic vermin deterers.  Which appear to be working on the pack rats, but I pulled open a drawer Sunday and a very fat, very surprised field mouse was staring back at me.  Eeep!  Pushed the drawer back in, banged on it, gave it a minute, pulled it back out.... Mouse was still there.

Pulled the drawer out, set it on the floor and gave it a tap with my foot.  Presto!  Disappearing mouse.  I've added "MOUSE TRAPS!" to my shopping list.  I really don't mind them outside, and I can't blame them for wanting to live somewhere people haven't been using for years, but we're back and they can move out or die.

But I hauled another load to the dump this morning - I ask you, who saves their old, broken toilet seats? - and I think I'm making progress. 


Kellie said...

Glad you didn't get the worst of that monster storm. The news made it sound like it was going to devistate that area.

I like those woodpeckers too - unless they are pounding away on that rare morning I am trying to sleep in lol

Your mousesrs look good. Nice to lounge in the sun. They must be waiting for that big mouse to run by.

How'd the piano end up in your shop? Your place must have been the family storage area, eh?

I tell ya when we moved here I couldn't believe some of the junk we found. AND when we got pigs a few years ago we put them in the old existing pen and they dug up the most amazing crap too - like boots, horse shoes, TRASH like laundry bottles.

falconfeathers said...

Saving toilet seats! LOL that one made me laugh. I could just picture it...why indeed save a toilet seat? probably too lazy just to haul it away....

I loved your pic of the snow/tree/blue sky. Lots of nice contrast...and I don't envy your snow though!

SunnySD said...

Ah, the piano... it was in the house when we got here. It was supposed to be picked up last fall, but somehow T's sister never found the time to come collect it. Eventually we migrated it to the workshop, and T's been making noises about sticking it outside with a tarp like he did with the "parts" 3-wheelers. I hate to do that, but it's a space hog, that's for sure.

Falconfeathers, the stuff that's been packed away in various outbuildings just makes me scratch my head. I mean, it's not like the dump is a) that far away, or b) expensive (and I don't mean the dump gully* where old farm equipment apparently when to die, either). I suspect people that lived thru the Great Depression had sort of a pack-rat mentality about possibly useful stuff, but who knows really.

Thankfully, the snow melted pretty quick, but it was pretty while it lasted :)

*at some point, I'll post some pictures of the "dump" gully. It's going to take years of clean-up and probably a good burn before it looks halfway decent. Makes me crazy!