Saturday, March 23, 2013


Is it me, or are the trees getting a bit fuzzy?

We had a skiff of snow Thursday night.  Enough to put a light white layer on things until about 10 AM.  There were all sorts of dire warnings about sleet and freezing rain, which I was just as glad not to see materialize. 

It was pretty, but not enough to settle the dust on the road. 

It wasn't even that cold.  But it was supposed to be just a preview.

The weather service has been building up winter storm Virgil for the last week.  Severe winter weather alerts have had the cats going puffy and staring at the weather radio, radio announcers have been warning everyone to stock up and stay home, events and what-not have been canceled for the weekend, the county's had the roads chlorided (or whatever that spray stuff is they put down) since Thursday....  And what do I see when I look out this morning?  A few measly flakes.  

Well, okay - it was coming down pretty good when I went out to feed this morning, but not sticking much. and the temps were still in the low 30's.  The radio's still yelling about 6-10" and northwest winds gusting to 30 mph by evening, but the Weather Channel says 1-3"... well, "Today" says 1-3" - the Winter Weather Warning says 3-5", but the future cast radar thingy makes it look like it's going to miss us to the north.

Whatever.  I'm declaring an inside day and catching up on the vacuuming.


Kellie said...

Hope you didn't get the snow they were forecasting. I like those "non-event" storms. All the hype, then it either just misses you or are just grazed by it.

and yes, those trees do look a bit funny. I like it.

Jennifer said...

O--M--Holy Goodness- BRR!

*Harley and Mo are shivering now that I told them it's snowing at your house. They say "stop it!"*

SunnySD said...

It tried pretty hard - snowed all day, but the ground was warm enough that it mostly melted on contact until the temps dropped into the teens overnight. We probably got somewhere in that 1-3". Hard to tell, since it drifted some.

Sunny and the crew are in full agreement with Harley and Mo - snow means they have to wait until the pasture dries up to go out on grass again, and they are not amused! Hay is not nearly as satisfactory, apparently.

Kellie said...

DRAT. Looks like the snow may have gotten to your area. Hope you all are well- warm and dry.

SunnySD said...

We got some - not as much as I would have liked, actually. We can sure use the moisture!