Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Rattle, Fearless Protector of the Tack

Granary Guardian
It didn't seem right that a cat with such an important job would continue just being "Cat 1".  Not that he minded - cats very seldom have any doubt that they're No. 1.  I'd been putting off calling him anything but "cat" or occasionally goofy cat!  But with a clean bill of health from the vet, recuperated from his snipping, and in charge of keeping the meeces out of my tack, he really needed a name.

He has this he does with his tail.  He'll be perfectly still, but right at the end his tail will be puffy and flickering kind of like a rattlesnake, at least that's what it reminds me of.  Thus, Rattle. 

He assisted me in clearing out the trailer and cleaning and organizing the tack room today.  By getting under foot as much as a feline unconcerned about getting flattened possibly could.

I'm not done, but if I need to haul the horses I can now do so, I can get to the saddles I use, and I have the first aid stuff where I can get to it more quickly.

The help needed a break
Don't get me started on the 3-wheelers.  They belong to T's brother.  They run... sort of.  And they're taking up MY space.  Sigh. 

The Granary had power at one time, but the boxes are full of mud dauber deposits, and as best we can figure out the line runs back through the old stone chicken house but may have been cut when they repaired the water line to the house a couple years ago.  In any case, it's shut off there at the breaker in the chicken house (not that turning it on at the breaker does anything).  So I have to figure out lighting yet.  It's not too bad during the day, at least.

Checking out the new furniture

Rattle had a fine time racing back and forth from the trailer to the tack room, hopping up on top of everything, and alternately chasing and hiding from the broom.  By the time I decided I needed some lunch - and to get started on those cookies for the vet clinic - he was pooped.

Nap time


Tammy said...

Finally catching up with your blog. Looks like you are settling into KS well. What is with this weather??? I want moisture but shouldn't we be getting rain and not snow?? Your horses look great. Summer will be here soon. Still praying for rain.

SunnySD said...

Nice to hear from you!

Completely nuts, isn't it? The Weather Service has been promising us some moisture down here this weekend, but from 8-12 they've reduced it to 1-3, and even that hasn't materialized yet. There's some green starting, but it's not going to last if we don't get some wet!

Kellie said...

I love your tack room! Looks very roomy, not to mention tidy.

Rattle - cute name btw, looks like he will be a fearless protector of the tack!

3-wheelers? Yeah, we've got one too.

Hope you get the electric problem figured out.

Cute picture of you too :) Your hair is growing so fast.

SunnySD said...

I wouldn't mind the 3-wheelers so much except T's mom also has one stored in the garage, and there are two more for "parts" tarped outside the workshop. If it were just the two, in good running order... Oh well.

Thanks for saying the tack room looks tidy - that's mainly because I still have everything in bins. I suspect once I'm riding out of it, it's going to get a lot messier in a hurry. It is a nice size, though. It's actually one of two grain storage rooms. There's one right next to it that I'd love to use for storing bikes, etc. but unfortunately there's an old farm truck that T's intending to restore parked smack in front of the door :( Since the truck isn't moving anywhere soon, reclaiming that space will have to wait for a while, I guess.