Monday, November 24, 2008

Days of whine and (cold) noses

Saturday dawned cold and gritty, and not helped by the fact that I was up WAY too late celebrating a friend's birthday the night before. No over-indulgences except cheesecake, but it was still a creaky morning. Didn't do much of anything with the horses except feed - we spent a good share of the day cutting up the deer-ly departed and packaging him into oddly-shaped (but neatly-taped), freezer-wrapped packages for later eating. Oh, and I made venison stew....

Sunday was a lovely day filled with laundry and chores. T was up and out the door by 6:30 to go wander the wide open spaces in search of a second deer for the freezer. H slept in and got up teenage-girl grumpy with homework left to do and not much weekend remaining to do it in. Sigh.

By afternoon I'd had enough of laundry and house-stuff. I bundled up and headed out to spend some quality time with the four-feets. It was warm enough that, out of the wind, in my multiple layers of tank-top, thermal, down vest and quilted jacket, I was sweating by the time I finished pitching hay to the horses. I was able to shed my gloves and the vest and still work without frozen fingers, which was a nice change.

Finished feeding, I collected a brush and went to work removing mud crusties & hay chaf. The fact that they've been bedding down nights along the tree grove - out of the wind - was evident by the amount of small sticks & other shrubbery I removed from manes & tails. De-mudding them all took a while, but if it continues cold they should stay relatively mud free for a while. I don't know that they appreciated the beauty treatment, but it was plenty relaxing for me.

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