Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wet, but daylight

Last night with the cloud cover mostly to the east and a good stiff westerly breeze blowing, the horses were complete space cadets. They sure are a good indicator that the weather's going to change! Today is my regular weeknight to work until closing, so I had the afternoon free. I don't mind working late so much after the time change, when it gives me one extra day a week to get out and about in the daylight!

Unfortunately, the winter weather that's dropped 15" of snow out in the Black Hills (they're estimating 14,000 people are currently out of power - brrr!) arrived here first as rain.

I spread hay for the horses in the lot, but with the wind out of the north they were down along the treeline. I snapped these out the window as I drove home - when I arrived they were all tails to the trees dozing. It's surprisingly cozy there with the tree belt blocking the wind, and there's enough grass still hanging on that they weren't interested in following me back up for hay just yet. They'll find it when they trek in for water later this evening.

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