Saturday, November 1, 2008

Short feet!

The farrier FINALLY came as scheduled this morning! All the boys & girls have newly shortened feet. Half were good, and half could have been better. Unfortunately, Sunny was in the latter half. Ordinarily he sleeps his way through his trims. This morning he had ants in his pants.

He kept fidgeting and trying to get his feet back. BAD Sunny.

Amyra was her usual stubborn self. The first foot she always tries to lay down - doesn't matter which side he starts on, either. She gets swatted, stews through the next two feet, and by the fourth one she's asleep. It's seems to be her approach to most things she doesn't really like: protest to see if she can get whatever it is to stop bothering her, sulk briefly, then give up & accept.

Thunder, thankfully, was a star. He's come a long way from the snorting, quivering wreck terrified the farrier was going to stick him with a needle!

No pictures. I needed both hands for more practical things, unfortunately.


When the farrier finished I headed out to check on a nice old lady. A few months back I posted about the family that acquired a "free" horse for their daughters. They've had her for four months now, and are getting along really well. This weekend they left for a family vacation, and asked if I'd mind checking in on Goldie while they're gone. They have someone staying at the house to take care of the dog, but she's a dog person, not a horse person, and doesn't feel comfortable doing more than refilling the water, which she can do from outside the gate. Since Goldie is still on good pasture, she shouldn't need anything, but.... They wanted to make sure someone with some horse experience at least took a look at her daily. Good for them.

Last night was the first opportunity I've had to meet Goldie. (Somehow I don't think Goldie meets many strangers, though.)
Smile, Goldie!
She's a sweet mare; a bit swaybacked, but otherwise in great shape for her age. She certainly wasn't the slightest bit shy about saying hello, and accepted lots of pats & scritches as her just due.
Finding the itchy spots Branded butt
Goldie has a brand on her right hip. Hard to tell exactly what it's supposed to be under all that winter fur, though. At any rate, Goldie was happy & well content last night and this afternoon when I checked on her.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Reminds me, I have lots of feetsies to get trimmed up before cold weather sets in.

Goldie is a cutie!! Looks like an O, lazy B to me.

Anonymous said...

I think that you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

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