Monday, November 10, 2008

First Snow

Snapped these Friday afternoon when I went out to feed.
Our snow amounted to more freezing rain & blowing than actual accumulation. We probably had around 2 inches, but most if it blew away.

They spotted me on the rise and came runningBut it was cold & much too tempting to keep going once they got started.They didn't linger.Lined out for the hay feeder
We had a houseful of company this weekend, and the weather was raw & nasty on top of it, so no chance to ride or do much of anything horse-wise. Hopefully I'll have time & weather this weekend to do more than chase them around with the camera!

Saddle Mountain Rider paired me with Pony Cousin Pony Girl, and I see she's dealing with rain & weather, as well. I have to agree with her, though - I don't mind the rain & snow, so long as it's not pouring or blowing too hard. Just plain cold is fine.

Thankful Thought for the Day

How cool is it that the internet allows us to keep in touch with people in all parts of the world? Maybe I can't ride right now, but somebody else can (and is). It's a great motivator being able to share all of the progress vicariously.


Mikey said...

Holy Brrrrr... wow. I can't wait to see more!

Jennifer said...

Wow.. That's pretty..

I'm soo incredibly thankful that's in your backyard, and not mine. I'll take the wet windy rain here, thank you ma'am..

Blech! *that* is why I moved so far south.. yukie yukie YUK