Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little rain...

Now that it's finally warmed up that means that all the nice cool rain we've been getting has turned into hot & humid. Complete with nasty pop-up thunderstorms which may or may not drop hail and/or turn into tornadoes. One nice thing about all the rain is that it's been consistent enough so far that we haven't had a big mosquito hatch. The water is staying too stirred up to get properly stagnant, I guess.

T rode the horse - the gelding that the neighbor thinks would be perfect for him - this weekend and had a great time. I didn't go along - company here & long hooves on Sunny. T ended up riding with a friend of ours who's a large animal vet, so while the gelding didn't get an official vet check, he did get a professional eye run over him, and apparently he passed.

It was beautifull all day, but of course it clouded up this evening.

T talked me into going for a ride tonight so I could see how the horse goes. He promised just walking, although we did end up trotting a bit. Sunny was good, the gelding was, too. He's very Arab-typey: cute little ears, dish face, wide nostrils, arched neck, short back, high set tail. He's very quiet on the trail. Handled ditches, deer, and strange horses with equanimity. Sunny snorted at him initially, but on being ignored didn't have any objections to walking along in the next track. We changed leaders, changed sides, crossed a couple ditches, lots of mud, and a wide section of plowed field as we meandered. We rode for almost two hours.

Ominous clouds to the south, but only a few raindrops falling on our heads, and at least it cooled things off.

I rode back with T to the neighbor's place - it's about a mile - and then he rode halfway back with me - we wanted to see how the gelding acted going "home" and then riding alone going back. He was NOT happy about leaving Sunny, and had a bit of a hissy fit wanting to come along with us, rather than going back home. T handled it.

T's really happy with him, and I didn't see anything major to find fault with. He's easy to handle, didn't fuss at leaving the neighbor's place or at arriving at a farm full of other horses. Tacked up easily. Stood quietly for T to get on and off a number of times in the course of our ride. We'll see, but I think we might just have found a horse.


Anonymous said...

T's horse sounds nice - I'll hope for pictures!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like T may have found a good match...

SunnySD said...

Pictures soon - I'm crossing my fingers we can get all the logistics worked out since he (horse) certainly seems anxious to come stay.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Good for T...and for you! You guys will be able to ride together if you go ahead with getting this horse.

How about these storms? I have been getting up early, early in the morning to ride, because by the time I get done working and get home...the skys are already getting stormy. Moon is a little confused about these early rides-LOL.

We've been lucky-no major hail. Megan and I got slammed by a quick moving storm with torrential rain and pea sized hail coming out of the ranch the other day. It was a weird little storm that was following the creek, but it was raining so hard, I couldn't see the road and had to stop and let it pass us rather than drive out of it.

The moisture sure has been nice though-we were getting really dry and the grass wasn't looking too hot. Maybe now the hay situation will look better.