Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a week

It's Thursday. Amazing.

So today we spent cleaning my new apartment and taking care of all the lease signing details. Such fun. They agreed that I could move things in before the first of the month as long as we were willing to do the cleaning. It wasn't (thank goodness) really icky dirty, just normal, sitting empty, moved out of dirt to be scrubbed off.

On to horse things - we rode for about 2 1/2 hours last night, covering 7 1/2-8 miles. Hot, but worth it. Sunny pointed out a skunk, several pheasants and a couple of deer. We were trotting along quite nicely when he slammed on the brakes and snorted at a large rock. It wasn't until the grass next to the rock started wiggling that I realized he was alerting at a critter and not worried at all about the rock. Hooray! Skunks in the bushes are valid objects of interest. Rocks? Not so much.

We gave Mr. Stripey some room, and he obligingly waddled off along the fenceline without raising his tail in our direction.

Other than that? He'll pick up a right lead straight line, but doesn't like the left. Not a surprise. But I did ask for and get some nice pace changes within the trot, and we lead, followed, and rode middle, left & right without any problem. All in all, a good ride, and we'll go again to tomorrow evening, hopefully.

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hey-Congratulations on the new job...and on Rufus-he's a cutie.