Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scary skies & wormer packs

Taking a break from laundry...

This was the sky last night as we reached Mitchell at about 6 p.m. You could see the sky lightening to the west, but the north and south were still black, black, black.
We drove out to check on the horses in case the hail had come through, although from the radio it sounded as if the hail hit a few miles further south.
The neighbor's horses - supremely unconcerned. Ours were fine, too - just too far back for a good pic.
As we drove back toward town... It was actually a full double bow by the time we got there.

So, on to something more horse-related.

Valley Vet has these great rotational wormer packs. They're a year's worth of wormer - 1 dose every two months, so six tubes. (The picture shows one with one Exodus missing, because I used it already.)

Very handy for a couple of reasons - it's more convenient to have them on right here, so I don't have to remember to pick them up when the horses are due. And the price is great, as well. One pack is $33.80. Two or more are only 31.90 - okay, so it's a savings of a measly $.90, but buying two qualifies you for free shipping, as well.

They have a premium pack (that's the one pictured) and a standard pack. The standard is the same rotation, just in generic versions. Pricing on the standard is $26.34 for one and $24.74 for two. You'd need to add $11.50 to your order of two of the standard packs to get free shipping, the cut-off being $60. But still....

Price out a year's worth of wormer - I couldn't do it locally for less than $38 a horse if I want to rotate as most vets recommend. And that's IF I'm lucky enough to find one or more wormers on sale.

Also good? Valley Vet's shipping is very fast, and their customer service is excellent.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, and glad the horses were OK. I use Valley Vet for lots of things, and their shipping and customer service are great. Haven't used the rotational pack, since my horses are on daily Strongid with spring and fall paste deworming, but the pack looks like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

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