Friday, June 26, 2009

Short feet!

All the ponies have new manicures, and all of them were good. This farrier is great - very careful, excellent with the horses. On time.

I'm not sure exactly why J didn't keep using her except that she's always so busy. But if I can keep her coming, I'll be thrilled. She's promised to put us on the calendar for 6 weeks from now, so I'm crossing my fingers.

And, she trims up north too. She gave me the name of someone up there that I can contact if I decide to take Sunny up with me. :) :) :)

We were going to ride tonight, but it's looking really nasty, weather-wise, so I think we'll raincheck until morning. It will also give the boys a chance to get accustomed to their new feet. But we'll go back in a bit and put some more ointment on Rufus. Turns out the scrape on his back leg is forming proud flesh, so we now have some bright blue stuff that goes on the spot once a day. It gets wiped off and reapplied once a day with Vaseline around it to keep the salve off the surrounding skin.

Pictures - they'll be icky, but I'll get some tonight when we go out.

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Anonymous said...

A good farrier is a wonderful thing!