Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 minute ride

My first of the new year! And given that I haven't been on him in months, he was extremely good in just his halter.

He's like sitting on a table at the moment. So fat - but with the cold we've been having, I'm not too upset that he's a bit tubby, it's good insulation.

The horses have all weathered the winter really well. As I slid off last night, the first few shedding hairs of spring were clinging to my vest.

We had 30's! And 40's for Saturday and Sunday, although the later day will be super windy according to the forecast.

This little guy was born night before last, and his mom stepped on his back fetlock. (Do cows have fetlocks or are they called something else?)

Anyway, we helped splint his back leg to give him a bit more support.
By the time we left he'd figured out how to stand up - with a little help, and was looking much perkier with his belly full.


Tammy said...

Its suppose to be in the 50's here on Sunday!! I hope we don't get wind... dang, that would ruin an otherwise nice day.

So sorry about the calf... poor baby!

My gelding's back looks like a couch. He has had WAYYY to much time off!

SunnySD said...

I'm so glad we're on the downhill run to warmer weather - the ponies aren't the only thing not getting enough exercise around here, LOL!