Monday, February 14, 2011

New feet!

No new pictures, but the farm five have shorter feet this morning. The farrier came late yesterday and we made good use of the warmer afternoon. Three were good, including Sunny who semi-redeemed himself for his earlier monkeyshines (more on that in a minute), but the last two were antsy.

The wind by the time we finished was really howling, and it was starting to get chilly, which isn't an excuse for bad behavior, but does make the fidgets more explainable.

T cleaned the sediment off the waterer innards - the water flow was down to a trickle again, and then we shored up a section of fence and strung an electric "thou shall not pass" across the upper end of the lot. The snow has drifted to deep and packed so hard where it narrows to the gate into the upper pasture that Sunny has learned he can step right over. And not only over the gate, but over the fence into the tree grove.

We raised the fence, but with no way to raise the gate, ended up running a temporary electric line. I flagged it well, and it should hopefully keep him where he belongs. Things are finally supposed to melt some this week, but this should take care of the problem even if the drifts don't subside.

Unfortunately, no additional riding time this weekend, but even working on the fencing didn't seem like such a chore when I could strip off my scarf, winter coat and hat and work in just my sweatshirt and vest!

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