Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Look Mom, no hat!

All that sunshine felt really good - too good, apparently! I actually left the house without my jacket, but luckily T's was hanging in the back seat of the truck - with gloves in the pockets - when I got out to the farm to feed.

I took an hour to fuss over everyone, pulling out some windtangles and de-mudding a bit. Walked up to see if there were any new calves yet, but didn't spot any.

It's amazing what a few days warm weather can do to a whole lot of snow!

Not to mention what it does to the outside of the truck! I won't tell you it was close to clean when I left home, but it's sure a lot more brown than when I left!

Not sure how much horse time I'll have this weekend - T's mom and his nephew are visiting. But I did manage to drop a couple of bookcases and some odds and ends off at GoodWill, hit the bank (well, not literally) and the post office to mail some belated V-day stuff, and... then it was back to the house for more skirtwork before the company shows up. Such fun.... Hopefully next weekend I'll be RIDING!

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Tammy said...

Your pics look like it did here last week. Finally got the big melt & it has been so nice. I was riding yesterday & realized I didn't have an earband or gloves on. Who'd of thunk?