Sunday, February 6, 2011

That's my boy...

The one on the right looking not at all sheepish - the stinker.

See the hay bale on the left? He's supposed to be on my side of the bale. But somehow he and the pinto both not only stepped over the bale feeder (which, admittedly, had gotten somewhat buried in packed snow), but also to squeeze their plump and furry selves between the gate and the bale - a space I don't find particularly roomy. But they did it, because that's where the tracks originated.

I spent Friday afternoon digging out around the front, and then T popped the feeders loose with the tractor, so they're back at an appropriately non-steppoverable height. Twits.

I walked the escapees back around where they belonged, and hopefully they'll stay put.

More snow and cold for next week. I'm SO ready for spring.

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