Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes, it's another blizzard

Spring flowers will be waiting a while longer. We had 6" of new snow this morning when I poked my head out. We had a brief lull, but it's settled back in with a vengeance at this point.

I ran out to take care of the ponies before noon, not wanting to risk additional accumulation and drifting - with just the light wind we had last night there were 8-10' runners across the oil road in long stretches. The county plows hadn't been out yet, so cleared road other than a few brief wind-scoured sections ended at the city limits. All the local churches canceled services, so even at 10 a.m. I had pristine snow to plow through once I turned on to the gravel. Which, since I took the dually, wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Depth perception was a shade iffy though, since the whole world was white, so I was pleased to not hit any 2' deep monsters.

I'd fed heavily yesterday knowing this was moving in, and distributed even more to the various feeders today just in case the roads are bad enough we don't make it out to the farm tomorrow. We're supposed to have at least another 6", which actually isn't terrible - it's the what the wind will do.

That's what SafeTravelUSA is showing for SD at present - isn't it all that red just purdy?

The only good news is that with the wind having switched around to howl down out of Canada, the horses will have the treebelt for shelter - well, that and the fact that President's day means I don't have to try to make the trek north until later in the afternoon tomorrow!

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