Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't fear the tractor...

A new bale for the cows...

Standing up the hill by the gate as T started the tractor I could see the black cow-dots popping up over the hill at the first sputter of the engine - by the time we headed down to deposit the first bale they were all collected at the gate waiting.

And the horses
Don't guess fear of the tractor was a problem -
more like don't get run over
by the tractor!

I thought for a minute Eyore,
having escaped flattening-by-tractor
by the fuzz on his hairy little ears,
was going to get his head stuck underthe bale.

Finally, for your,
"Oh man, what a thing to do
to a poor defenseless horse!
moment of the day.

Thunder - so not an enthusiastic Mizzou fan.


Mikey said...

I love how they all come running!

buckpony said...

Thank goodness Eyeore didn't get his head squashed! Too funny!